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What is STA Evaluation?

Are you anxious of buying a pre-owned car? You heard horror stories of used car breaking down after just a few weeks of buying it? Want to skip past all the shiny grooming and know what’s the real deal under the hood?

We come between buyers and sellers of pre-owned cars to provide an independent assessment evaluation report of the condition of the car to ensure both buyers and sellers are negotiating based on a clear open understanding. Watch video to learn more.

What is STA Evaluation, In a glance…

Boot inspection is a critical process as it is an area where most accident impact are. Although rear ended accident are sometime not avoidable and does not indicate the vehicle is of an inferior condition. Our evaluation processes are able to detect signs of sloppy accident repair works done (if any). This information gives the buyer insights of the car they are considering to purchase. Watch a video on a quick glance of our boot inspection.

Why STA Evaluation?

We are a part of STA Inspections that are appointed by LTA to conduct annual road worthiness inspection hence all our evaluation reports can be considered as sharing the same unbiased high standard as per LTA inspection.


There are big differences between warranty package provided by 3rd party workshop. Firstly, Evaluation provide current condition overview of the vehicle. Although our report does not provide “warranty” against future problem, it’s main purpose is to provide a clear overview of the condition to factor in the buying decision. Let’s face it, who want to keep going to a workshop to have their car service? It is tedious, long downtime and not forgetting small small prints that eventually cost the owners some money to get the problems fixed. Try googling to see what 3rd party warranty experience is like. More important Evaluation & Warranty are 2 different services.

Neutral party is the main key difference? Either the dealer or the buyer are subjected to biased opinion from independent workshop assessment. Furthermore, remember, what’s any car workshop interest in? Car has to have some problems for businesses to flow in. Hence many dealers & buyers are not willing to have the vehicle assessed by independent workshop. STA Evaluation is part of STA Inspection Pte Ltd which is appointed by LTA to conduct mandatory road worthiness inspections for Singapore registered vehicles. Our evaluation reports are of the same high standards.

This is similar to the first comparison however this is better in term of quality of service. Authorised agent are traditionally more transparent in their services but they too have interest in providing maintenance packages. Similarly, they don’t provide current status condition but rather at as an after sale service warranty provider. Bear in mind, downtime for agent servicing are usually much longer than independent workshops due to the volume of work. Hence Evaluation vs Authorised Agent are different services.

Again the discussion is on Evaluation vs Warranty. As per the previous comparisons, these are 2 different services. In recent years, insurance companies are providing coverage for breakdowns via insurance policy premiums. Just like their traditional products, you pay a premium to have your pre-owned cars covered for any faults or breakdowns. As of this writing, QBE are the largest insurance company that provide such coverage. In our view, this provide better protection for buyers & dealers as both parties are transferring risk to the insurance company. However most insurance companies are very stringent in providing coverage hence not all dealers qualify to get coverage from insurance companies. Furthermore, some insurance companies insist the vehicle to ONLY have a STA Evaluation Report that bear certain high grading before willing to issue coverage. No other Evaluation Reports are accepted goes to show the integrity of our STA Evaluation Report.


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